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I follow a facebook page called The Bastard Weather. It’s content is not particularly about the weather but I think it’s the name – the nice ironic straightforward name, that draws me to it.


Regardless of subject matter, that name means everything to me at the moment. As an organiser of all year round outdoor Antique and Vintage street markets; I am well aware that’s the whole idea is iffy if you base it on what the sky throws forth in this particular part of the world! And I’m nothing if not a hardy optimist. However it does feel at the moment that it has rained since the insufferable heatwave of last summer. Walking the dog (and washing him afterwards) is a complete chore as is updating every weather app I can find for a forecast that I like for the upcoming market this weekend. It’s never certain – but always worrying and, quite honestly, it’s possible for it to rain as much on a mid August day as mid January as we all know.


Our visitors are never really sure if it’s going ahead or not (‘surely it won’t be on in this weather’) so possibly opt for staying home in with a film and a radiator hug. Stallholders stay home for fear of their entire stock getting ruined or the even worse option of packing everything away while it’s still soaking wet and then having every spare surface of home covered with stock drying out for the next week.


Such is the outdoor Antique and Vintage market organisers lot – when it’s good, its glorious and when it’s bad, it’s horrid. But the anticipation of it is even more horrid!

But there we are – I’ve gone and done it…been ever so British and written (moaned?) about the weather!!

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